Got her. It’s on.

28 Jan

I found a 2009 DR650se with only 744 miles on the odometer, but dings – dented tank (left side), bent levers, cracked rear signals, scratched cases, bent shifter, broken hand guards, etc. –  from the two falls that convinced the owner to sell the bike. There are thousands of nearly new bikes for sale, most without the dings, but all with nearly the same story. The owner kept telling me how fast the bike was, which sold me even more, not for the speed – although that’s a good reason – but the clear sign that he never really got into it, wasn’t a Ricky Racer, and probably babied the thing. Another dalliance with motorcycling that ends with a castaway.

So she has a few scars and not the prettiest teeth. I’m OK with that. I’m gonna get her all dolled up for Baja surf travel. No cosmetic surgery. Just all the right bits for a good time. While this isn’t a great photo of her – just a quick iPhone shot taken outside the welder’s shop – I wanted to get a “before” shot taken prior getting ready to go out.


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