UPDATE to Board Support Up Front

1 Jun

Duct tape repair. (Have to look closely.) Temporary, and unnecessary, as it turns out.

It didn’t take long for the PVC contraption (see Board Support Up Front post) to fail, cracking after just 8 hours or so in the saddle. Here we are at the Old Mill in San Quintin applying a duct tape repair. As it turned out, it was never needed. In just another couple of hours the support broke off completely, slipping away from the duct tape. The event went unnoticed, though, as the problem solved itself.

The support was never meant to work on its own. It was there as much as an anchor for the bungie cord as anything else. When the contraption broke off, the hose-clamped piece stayed in place, which was all that was needed anyhow, as the Carver racks in the back fully supported the surfboard. All that was needed up front was the bungie cord to keep the nose in and out of the wind. This photo shows the remaining mess that worked great for the rest of that trip, another 2,000 miles, including hundreds of off-road riding, at speed.

All that was needed in the first place was an anchor for the lower bungie cord hook.

So what started as the biggest concern – keeping the front of the surfboard supported and out of the wind – turned out to be a non-issue. Very good news.


2 Responses to “UPDATE to Board Support Up Front”

  1. Patrick March 6, 2018 at 7:24 pm #

    Buddy! I am upgrading from a 150cc scooter to a small class adventurer (either BMW 310 GS or Honda 250 Rally). I have a carver rack on the scooter and it is awesome – I commute on that little thing through tight traffic everyday so having the arms come off is a must. I want a proper bike but unless I can get the rack on there I’m not going to do it.

    How has the rack been going?? Any more issues with not having the nose supported when travelling at speed?? You can comfortably ride with the surfboard on there??

    Any info would be awesome thanks

    • SurfMoto March 6, 2018 at 7:26 pm #

      No issues at all. I have the same one on my bike that I store in Nicaragua and have had no problems, and those roads can be rough. So, the rack has been great. No issues with the nose, but you are limited on board length – don’t try it with a longboard! It is quite comfortable.

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