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Big Day – Rack Arrived

23 Feb

Tail rack from Manracks. The foundation for attaching the surfboard racks, as well as a place for luggage, probably the largest bag (the DBz Flat Top Duffle).

Big day, because the tail rack is the key component needed to getting this SurfMoto thing going. The surf racks bolt to it, and once the surf racks are on I need to make sure the DBz side luggage racks fit along with the new pipe. All good stuff; it’ll work out. This is the ManRacks rack. It weights 1.5#, so with the savings from the DG pipe With everything installed I’m currently at a net weight savings of 6#. BUT, I haven’t installed the surf rack, and that weighs 7#, so that puts it at a 1# gain…until the hand guards and luggage arrives. I can remove the foot pegs, for maybe a pound or so, but there’s not many more places to cut weight. Except from my own body.


DG Pipe – Weight Savings, More Power and Safety

23 Feb

The DG replacement exhaust pipe arrived today. It was advertised as weight 5.5#, but it really weighs only 4.5#; I weighed it on two different scales. That’s about a 9# weight saving over stock (14.5#).

New pipe to save weight, add power and noise.

. It also adds more power. And since it’s a performance pipe, the sound level goes up – everything says to 96-98 decibels, which is pretty loud. That’s a safety device. Cars and others will hear you, which helps because they always say they can’t see you. The downside is pulling in and out of home, restaurants and hotels, where you’re a big annoyance. Nonetheless, it sounds pretty cool.

Sound-proofed Skid Plate?

22 Feb

A skid plate is an essential mod for any serious off-roading. Crack your case on an unsuspecting rock and you’re stopping right there, no matter where there is. So no biggie, my first mod is the skid plate. But I read that on the DR650, the skid plate somehow echoes engine noise up to the rider. So I’m sound-proofing mine with spray-on rubber coating. I was going to use neoprene – glue it inside the whole plate – but it will gain weight after getting wet and rot over time. So the rubber coating seems better, but it’s also kind of thin. Anyhow, we’ll see. I still have lots of earplugs. And the 96db DG pipe that’s coming might drown everything else out anyhow.

Baja’s Seven Sisters have an LA Cousin

17 Feb

Travel the world looking for surf, but every so often, the good stuff is local. Here Venice does its best imitation of Baja’s legendary Seven Sisters, with a good NW swell combined with strong off shores.


11 Feb

Nicaragua to LA. Arrive midnight on Thursday. Have a sunny LA day, then off to NY at 7am Saturday. Travel can be tiring and unpleasant, but experiencing the contrasts and having the forced thinking time outweighs.

I was told recently that I ran off to Nicaragua on this last minute surf trip to figure my life out, and maybe that’s what I do when I travel – that sure makes sense. But I went to work on the Nicaragua surf guide and take care of real estate business. And surf and get healthy. And just when my sea legs returned and my health meter moved back to the green zone I had to leave. I want to go back, when I think about it. But now I need to focus on other things.

And being back in NY is nice.